Welcome to the Tennessee Tech Flute Studio website! Have a look around and find out a little more about who we are and what we do at Tennessee Tech University. This website was created for you to find information about events, studio members, and other things the Tennessee Tech Flute Studio is doing!

Required Upcoming Events:

Friday, January 31st @ 7:30pm:
flute day guest artist

Saturday, february 1st (all day):
tennessee tech flute day

thursday, february 4th @ 7:30pm:
the cumberland quintet

sunday, february 9th @ 3:00pm:
The Bryan Symphony Orchestra in concert

February 13th - 15th
51st fowap

Friday, february 14th @ 7:30pm:
The Symphony Band in Concert 

Tuesday, February 18th @ 7:30pm:
The University orchestra in concert

Monday, february 24th, @ 7:30pm:
The Concert band in concert