Tennessee Technological University Flute Organization 

T.T.U.F.O. is an organization put together by the flute studio of 2009. This organization holds fund raisers throughout the calendar school year raising money for flute choir music, trips, and other studio needs. T.T.U.F.O. is a university recognized organization. 

Over the past two summers, 2011 and 2012, TTU flute students have been on trips. In the summer of 2011, some of the flute students went to the National Flute Association's annual conference. This summer, 2012, three students, Alaina Langhirt, Holly Heidkamp, and Jillian Storey traveled to Boston to attend a master class tought by the ultimate TREVOR WYE! What an exciting trip! 

That is just two examples of what T.T.U.F.O. is around for.