My name is Caitlin Moscato, and I’m from Lynchburg, Tennessee.  I’m currently a music composition major at Tennessee Tech University studying with Greg Danner and Roger Martin.  As for my future, I’m planning on pursuing a doctorate and becoming one of the greatest musical composers of all time.   

Hello! My name is Bethany Dow and I am a music education major from Hendersonville, Tennessee. I graduated from Station Camp High School last year. My future plans include teaching music to students and obtaining a masters degree. In my spare time I really enjoy creative writing.

Hello! My name is Amy Reid and I am a junior music education major. I graduated from Ravenwood High School in 2010.  After graduating from Tech, I would love to teach high school band and eventually attend graduate school. My hobbies include reading, knitting, arts and crafts, and doing random stuff with friends. I also REALLY love jazz music. 

My name is sarah hoff and I Graduated from Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, TN. I am a sophomore performance major, and after graduating, I plan to pursue a masters in music. When i'm home during the summere i work at a blueberry patch.

My name is Chelsey Jones. I'm from Sparta, Tennessee. I'm currently a Music Education Major at Tennessee Tech. I would eventually like to obtain my Masters and Doctorate degree so I can teach at the college Level. My other hobbies, besides playing flute, include reading, dancing, and horseback riding. 

My name is Jordan Frazier, and I'm from Brentwood, Tennessee. I live, eat, and breathe music, but also I love to play video games, cook, sing, and dance. I'm a music education major and Tech and eventually I would like to go on to get a masters and doctorate and teach flute at the college level and perform as well. 

 I'm Austin Burchette and I'm from Mountain City, TN. I am an alumni of Johnson County High School. I started playing flute in my second year of band. I was in high school band for 5 years playing flute as well as other instruments throughout my high school career. I attended  SCMI as well as Symposium and Festival of Winds and Percussion. I'm am currently working towards my degree in flute performance. After I graduate I intend to get my masters degree in flute performance to further my career of being an orchestral performer.

My name is Rebecca Sewell. I'm from Pulaski, Tennessee and I graduated from Giles County High School. I have been playing flute for almost nine years. In high school, I studied privately under Cindy Pride who was a student of Dr. Roger Martin.

My future goal and plans for my life is to go on to study church music and become a Music Minister. Also, I would like to teach flute privately.

Other than playing flute and practicing, I enjoy cooking, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

My name is Taylor Kile, and I'm a Music Education (instrumental) major. I'm from Nashville, TN, and I graduated from Goodpasture Christian School, My hobbies are anything band related, reading, playing flute, and being with friends and family. I want to become a band director after graduating college and teach the importance of music. 

My name is Emma laprade and I;m from johnson city, TN. Right not i'm majoring in music education, but my goal is to teach music history at the high school or (more likely) college level. When i'm not practicing, i loke to swing dance, write poetry, translate ancient egyptian Hieroglyphics, and enjoy life ingeneral. 

Hi! My name is Alex Davenport. I am currently a freshman music education major here at Tennessee Tech. I graduated from Spring Hill High School in 2012. After I get my degree, my ideal plan is to teach elementary music. I would love to be able to teach young children how fun and rewarding music can be at a young age. If the future allows it, I would like to be able to get my masters degree in teaching private flute lessons as well. 

Other than playing the flute, I enjoy reading, hiking, and driving around aimlessly.